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It’s six o’clock. You’re on your way home from work. What are you thinking about? Dinner of course!


This is the first time you’ve thought about what to eat for dinner all day…and now you’re starving! As you take your exit off the highway, there’s the lights of fast food in the horizon, beckoning you to pull on in. Answering the call of “what’s for dinner?”


Try as you might, when you’re at this point, it’s hard to resist. You’re thinking with your stomach. We’ve all been there.

Fast Food

Here’s the deal—there’s nothing wrong with fast food. I mean, not really. It’s not super healthy, of course, and no one feels awesome about their life choices when their scarfing down fries in their car.

If you enjoy an occasional trip to McDonalds or Taco Bell, feel no shame!

Heck, fast food is freaking delicious as an occasional treat!

Fast food becomes a problem when it’s your default answer every night. It’s a problem when you’re trying to save money. It’s a problem when you’re hoping to eat healthier. Fast food is a problem when you’ve got a fridge full of spoiling food at home, but you’d rather drive thru because it’s easier.

So, how do we break the "fast food habit"?

The answer is pretty simple and I'm sure you already know it (spoiler alert, it's the name of the page)


Having simple meal planning methods is the real secret to staying out of the drive thru. If you want to save money and eat at home, you need to plan.

It’s much tougher to say no, when you don’t have an easy, simple dinner solution in mind. When you’re on the freeway, you should already know what’s for dinner and how you can have it on the table in less time than you could wait in line at McD’s.

I've come up with a simple way to create 100% personalized and fully customizable (for you picky eaters) Meal Plans that are easy to follow, with up to 6 meals per day and the option to adjust macros on the go as your goals and needs evolve. 

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